A Catholic school anecdote…

This is in response to a comment Adrienne left on the last post…

The scene: My third grade Catholic school classroom, under the tender care of Mrs. Dexter, a real authoritarian bitch. We’re discussing the Book of Genesis, and the Creation Story.

Mrs. Dexter: “So, when it says that God rested on the Seventh Day, we interpre… Yes, Monocentric?”

Monocentric: “What about the dinosaurs?”

D: “Excuse me?”

M: “The Creation Story doesn’t talk about the dinosaurs we learned about in science class. Where’d they come from?”

D: “We’ll have to discuss this later, I want to finish this discussion today. So, what we’re supposed to take away from this is that…”

M: “But Mrs. Dexter, you said that the dinosaurs had been in the ground for years and years and…”

D: “Be quiet, Monocentric. We’ll discuss it later.”

M: “But Mrs. Dexter, what about in the Ark? Is that why the dino…”


M: “… eep.”

Now, of course, I know that the Catholic Church is extremely friendly to evolution, and they apologized for Galileo, etc. I’m still not friendly with the Church, but I’m willing to cut them some slack on those issues, at least.



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4 responses to “A Catholic school anecdote…

  1. sounds like she tried her best…

  2. anastasia7173

    I could never reconcile the whole dinosaurs/adam&eve timeline in my head — but I was never brave enough to ask the question! Monocentric, you may have been difficult to teach, but you were too bright for your surroundings. : )

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