So, some first principles and definitions:

A monocentric lens is a telescopic eyepiece made up of multiple pieces of glass with a common “center”. It’s a useful metaphor for my life, I’ve found.

This blog is, as the subtitle indicates, a miscellany – I, as befits a librarian, am something of a dilettante. This means I dabble here and there, and know a little bit about a lot of things. The term derives from the Italian “dilettare, which means “to delight”, and I’m trying to rediscover a bit more delight and wonder in the world.

I expect this blog will talk about polyamory, science and religion, politics, the media, literature, libraries, feminism/masculinism/gender equality, and a bunch of other shit. I’m unapologetically lefty, sarcastic, overintellectual, and can be something of an asshole. I’m also a loving and loyal friend. I make no guarantee you won’t be offended, but I’ll try to engage in honest conversation, and treat people with the respect that they treat me. Caveat emptor.


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