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The Rules

I’m dead tired today, so a short post…

The rules aren’t my rules. They aren’t the rules of this blog, although they also apply here. Think of them as… general life guidelines.

  1. Don’t Visualize. Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day. Mitch McConnell masturbating. Rush Limbaugh in the throes of orgasm. You see why this is a good idea now? (And yes, I am a sick fuck.
  2. Don’t Reward Inappropriate Behavior, a.k.a. No Boobies for Asshats. Why should people be rewarded for doing Bad Things? (And not the good kind.)
  3. Don’t Stick It In Crazy. (Or, conversely, Let Crazy Stick It In You) Crazy can be very, very fun in bed. This an also be very, very dangerous. Mental illnesses aren’t strictly sexually-transmitted infections, but sometimes Crazy can stick.
  4. When In Doubt, Don’t Put That In Your Mouth. Do I really need to explain why this is a good idea?

In all my time on the planet, I’ve found that these will get you though most basic situations.


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More with the explication…

So, I thought I’d explain a few more things ’bout the blog, while I’m not thinking terribly-heavy thoughts today.

The title works on a few levels. Like my life, a <a href=””>monocentric lens</a> is one that is made up of multiple pieces, fused together into a more useful whole. My life has a <strong>whole</strong> lot of moving parts, and somehow… it works.

I also like the irony of writing a blog with the title “monocentric” as a poly dude, since I’m about as far from mono centric in a relationships sense as you can get.

A slight digression before the subject of blog titles… Watch this NSFW video. I’d suggest headphones:

Then, since I can’t find a video of the song, here’s a link to the lyrics of “Cocksucking Faggot” by Pansy Division. Here’s the song, too. That said… I’m a lit major. I believe in the power of words, and I think that there’s a lot of words that need to be reclaimed. (Oh, Sars, I adore thee.) Thus, with the pervert. I’ll cheerfully admit that the term applies well to me, actually – I’m into a lot of things that most people think of as exotic at best. And I’ll try just about anything once. Maybe twice, if it’s possible they just weren’t particularly good at it.  But I digress… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a pervert, as long as all parties relevant to the discussion consent. So once slut loses a bit more of its sting, and we’re already well on the way, and when I can cheerfully call friends perverts without worrying about a sting of opprobrium, I’ll be happy.

Finally, we have more Ani Difranco lyrics. “Taken out of context I must seem so strange” is from one of her older songs, a lovely ditty called Fire Door.

Although… *chuckle* At this point I’m pretty convinced context doesn’t help.  I think I’d be pretty strange anyway… *grin*

Questions, anyone?

(Oh, and I DO think in lyrics a lot. There’ll be a lot of videos posted, etc. I hope y’all have eclectic taste in music.)

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Hello world!

So. I’ve started a blog again.

I’m still not entirely sure what this is going to be about. I’ve been wanting to get back into writing things tangibly again, and this is certainly tangible. And… very public. *ulp*

I’m using a vague screen of anonymity because I want to talk about a lot of things, including expressing some opinions that would probably get me on hiring blacklists from coast to coast. So, a smokescreen of plausible deniability is called for. I hope you don’t mind. If you do know my real name, please don’t use it in the comments. I’ll screen ’em for things like that.

I’ve spent a lot of today setting things up, rather than actual posting. It happens, and I have a pretty busy schedule so I can’t guarantee I’ll post every day, but I’m sure as hell going to try.

Welcome to the journey. Please buckle in.


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