Dramatis Personae

Because I’m not as brave as I’d like to be, and because I’m not yet in a position where I can reasonably expect to let all of my opinions in the open air and still remain a viable job candidate in the future, I am using a pseudonym. All non-public figures that I personally know will be referred to by pseudonyms, as well.

Monocentric Staff

Monocentric – Dat’s me. Host, owner, chief instigator, etc. I’m a 30something queer male living in the midwest. I identify as “queer” because my sexuality, like a lot of the rest of my life, is in something of a state of flux. Let’s say I usually think of myself as gay, but I’m… becoming more flexible. I have a master’s degree in Library/Information Science, but I’m not yet working as a librarian. I’m very, very lefty, not-quite-as-atheist-as-I-used-to-be, and profoundly overeducated. I overthink things, and analysis paralysis is a HUGE problem in my life.

Important Folks

These are the people who tend to crop up in my posting the most. Some day I might draw out a formal relationship map, but for now it’s an exercise for the reader.

Mulder – Mulder is my partner of going on 10 years. He’s an attorney, bi, poly-ish, and the absolute rock and foundation of my life. I can’t imagine my world without him, and I don’t try.

Hal – My boyfriend, my adventuring partner, and a walkin’ ball of awesome.

Tsarina – One of my best friends. He lives in a city about an hour north of here, and has taught me more than I can ever express about what it can mean to be a gay male – and how it can be far, far more than just boas and pride parades. There’s also leather, activism, béchamel, and horizontally-striped walls. (No, he’s not a Sister. But he could be.)

Auntie Mame – Another one ‘o the best friends, he lives out on the east coast, but grew up in the city I now occupy. One of the most important figures in my personal history, and the poor guy on the brunt end of way too many “learning experiences”.

Snarf – The frat brother I never had. Since, y’know, I’m not exactly the frat-life type. We’ve taught each other a lot, and I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon. He’s probably the biggest asshole I know, and I sincerely love him for it.

The Girls – A gay couple I spend way too much time with. Two very odd ducks who seem to work well together, which just goes to show when finding your personal Player 2, nothing is more important than compatible crazies.


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