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Turning all our children into hooligans and whores!

Despite all my sexual adventures, I’ve always been oddly reticent about drugs. (And I do consider alcohol a drug.)

I didn’t start drinking until I was 21 – specifically, my 21st birthday, when the Tsarina took me out on a bar crawl for my birthday. He bought quite a few drinks that night – even then, I had a certain mass advantage, and I pretty quickly built up a decent tolerance. And getting really involved in furry helped, too – furries love their booze. I think it helps make the pain go away.

Then I found the SCA… While it really stands for Society Creative Anachronism, but one of the common joke expansions for the acronym is Society for Crazy Alcoholics. I tend to prefer the Society for Consenting Adults, but they all work in different ways. When Mulder got me into the SCA, in 2008, I also met his awesome friends, some of whom could be near-professional drinkers. Mulder and I were really shocked one day when we figured out we’re technically binge drinkers – once in a while we get together with a bunch of SCA friends and really tie one on. We’re always careful, there are enough designated drivers or hotel rooms, and there are enough non-drinkers scattered about to keep the chaos from getting out of hand.

And then, just over two years ago, I tried pot.

Mulder and I were in a nearby state for an SCA event, and after the event was over we drove to visit some friends of ours, furs, who lived relatively nearby in the state. They offered, quite graciously, to smoke me up, and I accepted. There wasn’t quite an angelic choir singing, but I do have to say, it was love at first puff.

I don’t want to sound incredibly arrogant about this, but… I’m smart. Too smart, really. And sometimes it can be really really problematic. Overwhelming, even. And the pot just makes it all OK. I’m still pretty clearheaded, but my thoughts work differently. Things are slower, looser, and I’m actually able to follow whole lines of thought to their conclusion, because there aren’t always new things coming in to outcrowd them. And the cross-connections are, of course, fascinating.

Now, since I’m that kind of guy, I’ve done a lot of research, and I pretty firmly believe that using marijuana, especially given its antianxiety and antidepression effects for me, is a lot better than adding more prescriptions, with all their side effects. I think that marijuana prohibition is pretty immoral and, well, legally silly at best. And I think the War on Drugs has been a colossal failure in terms of law enforcement, medical policy, and humanitarian concerns.

So… I try to make sure I buy my weed from responsible, ethical growers, keep my money out of the hands of the cartels, and most of my “drug abuse” involves getting baked and playing video games, possibly watching nature documentaries, and overtipping when I order pizza. Oh, and there’s the stoned kinky sex with my boyfriend… I am the fall of western civilization!



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